Wednesday, February 7, 2007

z'ozzer space brozzers

A human being we shall call Clogges passed away last night. He was my first cybermate. The computer through which I first met him, an ancient 1989 slow-clock-speed "cripple-chip" 486 processor Digital Equipment Corp. model, died with him.

Well, the battery died; I hadn't booted it for weeks. I powered it a minute ago to retrieve some old files that serve as memoirs for Clogges, and it won't come out of its DOS shell.

Clogges called it my "old steam machine". See what happens when you don't properly maintain fire in the boilers? You lose your pilot light.

First star on your left and straight on 'til dawn...

1 comment:

funean said...

Sail on, silver fox, sail on.

You might want to check with selected apemen as to whether those docs can be retrieved. Betcha someone knows a trick or two.

Such things should not be lost.