Friday, May 25, 2007

commercial dreamery

I dreamed I saw a commercial. It was for K-Y Jelly, a new improved version, containing sparkles of some allegedly pleasantly tingling substance. My daughter said, "That's what you need, Daddy," referring not to coital lubrication (which would be a perhaps unwholesome reference for my daughter to invoke) but to my nose, which suffers a rare genetic disorder whereby it bleeds chronically and requires various astringents to pinch blood vessels shut and moisturizing goo to keep the tissues moist despite astringent dessication.

That is, I think I dreamed it. I'm not sure. Perhaps I really did see such a commercial. It's certainly the kind of thing my wise-ass daughter would say. The commercial had a sea-side setting, young blond Caucasians, and images of glittering sand being washed by lapping waves.

It occurs to me now that I could google K-Y Jelly and perhaps resolve this riddle. But there's no rush, is there?

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Tom Warren said...

They have one commercial where the lubricant is enhanced with a warming substance. The couple are in the store and look at the tube, then break into knowing grins.

I must be way more addicted to TV than you, because ALL my dreams have commercials. I will be having the standard dream where I show up to work nekkid, and just as it starts to become mortifying we cut to a commercial break. When we return to the actual dream, I have had 2.5 minutes to put clothes on. This never fails to annoy the Victoria Secret girls, who in my dreams are just waiting for the commercial to end so they can ravish me. I think the chances are good that some night I will return from my commercial break with a tube of KY warming jelly and the girls will be ecstatic ….