Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Enough White Men Agreed

He's One of the Good Ones

My only problem with Obama is I'm afeared I'm gonna masturbate to Michelle once I see her on Oprah. Oprah gets wimmin talkin' about they... uh-huh. (lemme 'splain: it's a joke based on this funny political vid)


These fellahs are upset. Hard to blame 'em. First Toby Keith, now the Detroit Big Three.


Next we'll hear Dolly Parton's boobs ain't real.

Lester Save Us!

Tired, Tired, and Tired... but insurpassably beautiful

Miles cut his career with Dizzy and Parker, but everyone knew Lester was the torch they all went back to time and again to relight their flame. (And omigodzilla: it's a 50s Kinescopic American Jazz Idol. Amazing.)

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