Saturday, February 22, 2014

Canned dog food can be used for alien pod embryo expulsions and monster vocalizations

Pay attention. The following tricks probably couldn't save your life but you never know:

Common Foley tricks[edit]
Corn starch in a leather pouch makes the sound of snow crunching[2]
A pair of gloves sounds like bird wings flapping[2]
An arrow or thin stick makes a whoosh[2]
An old chair makes a controllable creaking sound[2]
A water soaked rusty hinge when placed against different surfaces makes a creaking sound. Different surfaces change the sound considerably[2]
A heavy staple gun combined with other small metal sounds make good gun noises[2]
A metal rake makes a fence sound[clarification needed] (it can also make a metallic screech when dragged across a piece of metal)[2]
A heavy car door and fender can create most of the car sounds needed but having a whole car in the studio is better[2]
Burning plastic garbage bags cut into strips makes a cool sound when the bag melts and drips to the ground[2]
¼” audio tape balled up sounds like grass or brush when walked on[2]
Gelatin and hand soap make squishing noises[2]
Frozen romaine lettuce makes bone or head injury noises[2]
Coconut shells cut in half and stuffed with padding makes horse hoof noises;[2] this is parodied in Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Cellophane creates crackling fire effects[2]
A selection of wooden and metal doors are needed to create all sorts of door noises but also can be used for creaking boat sounds[2]
A heavy phone book makes body-punching sounds[2]
Acorns, small apples and walnuts on wooden parquet surface can be used for bones breaking
Canned dog food can be used for alien pod embryo expulsions and monster vocalizations[8]

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