Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Does this virtue make my halo look fat?

It's no sin for us to express our basic biological natures and lavish affection on those with certain forms of physical appearance more than others, but it is less virtuous than other values and actions that, as we age and wrinkle, come to predominate our idea of what beauty is:

Does Anybody Love You?

"You're so lovely, so wise
You could make Venus crawl
But love between the ugly is the most beautiful love of all."

We are not obliged -- nor able, IMO -- to be saints, but the more we can attain those forms of love that love love above even the thing that is loved, the better we look in a cashmere halo, y'ask me.

This pale fire that flickers atop our biology, that doesn't just consume beauty but makes it, often out of much suffering,  is best cherished as a soul even if it is only a shadow.

One reason that the worship of God can be so fulfilling is that doing so inspires us to be what we hope God is: a world-shaped mirror that reflects everything, including the evil we all do, with understanding and loving forgiveness.

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