Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hillary Allegedly Unsure About Accepting Sec of State Position


“She thinks Obama has been great to ask, and she has been well-treated during the process,” the adviser to Mrs. Clinton said. “But she’s unsure.”

"One complication that Mrs. Clinton will face if she becomes secretary of state is the mountain of campaign debt leftover from her presidential run.

"Mrs. Clinton has $7.6 million in outstanding bills from the campaign, Mr. Reines said, not including personal loans she made to her campaign."

Bill could pay off that debt, I suppose, if he didn't have to curtail his investments abroad which cause the current conflict-of-interest dilemma.

I still think (well, hope) that most of the tentative Cabinet picks Obama is making now are for show, straw samples to appease the old Dem party machinery and confuse the right-wing punditry.

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