Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hopin' he's a playah

Articles like this make me hopeful that my estimation of Obama's handling of his high-stakes/high-hopes presidency will be adroitly finessed. His transition period, for example seems to reveal him letting his colleagues and sycophants all the rope they need to hang themselves so he can make the choices HE wants to:

"WASHINGTON – Former President Bill Clinton's globe-trotting business deals and fundraising for his foundation sometimes put his activities abroad at odds with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and could cause complications if President-elect Barack Obama picks her to be secretary of state.

"During her own White House campaign, the New York senator criticized China for its crackdown on protesters in Tibet and urged President George W. Bush to skip the Olympics in Beijing. Her campaign was embarrassed by reports that her husband's foundation had raised money from a Chinese Internet company that posted an online government "Most Wanted" notice seeking information on Tibetan human-rights activists that may have been involved in the demonstrations.

"Hillary Clinton has campaigned as a champion of workers' rights. This year, Brazilian labor inspectors found what they called "degrading" living conditions for sugar cane workers employed by an ethanol company in which Bill Clinton invested."


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