Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Everyone on the Left is Right; Not Everyone on the Right is Wrong

The title reflects a shift in electoral power. For at least seven years it seemed ludicrous to say such a thing. The growing electoral might of the Right inspired one to say, instead, The Right is not always right, nor is the Left always wrong.

For some time, branding a political figure 'too liberal' was sufficient to clip their wings. It mattered little that the average bloke has a largely distorted understanding of what liberal and conservative mean.

Now that the pendulum has swung as far it can in the direction popularly deemed 'right wing' and is now swinging the other way, gaining speed, we in the center at the bottom of the pendulum's arc brace ourselves for the New Arrogance and New Ignorance that, we fear, will soon replace the Old Arrogance and Old Ignorance.

It pains me that I sound like a pull-string Lieberman doll. It's not my fault that he single-mouthedly made bipartisanism a dirty word, and reaching across the aisle a form of 'bad touch'.

My personal pain in this lies in the fact that I generally agree much more with the ideas and ideals that have come from the left since long before I was born and so will find it doubly exasperating to listen to unconsciously stereotypical left-wingers explain How the World Should Really Be. I didn't care much when the average right-winger promoted constitutional purity (which is no more pure nor meaningful than Biblical fundamentalism), laissez-faire capitalism (which is, in today's technocratically run socialist capitalism, like believing in Tinker Belle), and a strong military (which too often meant taking our already strong military and gutting it on worthless wars). I figured they were just stupid or hopelessly ill-informed and so why care if they were being assholes too?

But now I will hear hordes from the left yowl. Feeling that their voices will now be heard, and that the articulations of their mere mouths alone will not suffice, they will commence to shout out through their sphincters also.

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